We are based in Dryden, and have been allocated (by the MNR) a vast wilderness area called a BMA (bear management area). Our BMA is one of the largest in North Western Ontario, and bear hunting in it is for the exclusive use of our clients. One large area that we hunt is south of Dryden, along highway 502, the Dore Lake, Godson Lake,

Larson Lake, and Trap Lake roads and south of Wabigoon/Dinorwic Lake and Eagle Lake. The other, (North Camp) is north and west of Dryden almost 100 miles, into a remote area near Sup, Portal, Toole, Donalda, and Anishinabe Lakes, with our main base camp being on Alfred/Colbran Lake.

   Our bait stations are usually situated off old logging roads. Well spaced, and often making use of animal trails and the proximity of water, all are easily accessible by regular pickup truck. Most bait stations are within 15 miles of a campsite, and some can be easily walked to. Each year we rotate the area that we will be utilizing,
(currently on a 4 year cycle in most areas), thus ensuring that we will have many large, mature bears in the area. All stations have clear shooting lanes, and trees that are suitable for tree stands. Most shots will be less than 20 yards, with 14-18 yard shots the average. We pre-bait for up to 6 weeks before you arrive, then continue to supply your bait while you are here. We check our baits regularly to ensure the bears continue to 'hit' them often. Although we can supply tree stands, we ask that you bring your own if possible. 'Climber' type stands are not recommended because of the small diameter and low branches found on most trees in this area.
   Whether you camp at a remote campsite, stay at a hotel/motel in Dryden, or stay at an area resort, we will try to cater your trip around what you want. We cannot guarantee a bear kill, and yes, some hunters do occasionally go home without an opportunity, but most leave with an average size bear or the memories of a missed chance. Several record book size bears, and many coloured phase bears have been taken by
our hunters, and we know that many more are still out there. There is no 'time frame' on our hunts - you can arrive any day, any time and stay as many days as you wish. Remember to bring your camera (we have had many clients that have 'killed' the first day, then gone back and videotaped other bears and wildlife on the stand), and your fishing gear if you like to fish. A fishing trip, or a day spent watching other kinds of wildlife can be an exciting bonus on your hunt. Come up to have a great time in the outdoors, have fun, and remember that we will do all we can to ensure your trip is a memorable one.