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Thank you for visiting Sid’s Canadian Bear Hunts website. If you are looking for a great bear hunt, catered to the options and times that you want, then you have come to the right site. Perhaps you are only interested in a walleye fishing trip that is well off the beaten path – yet at a reasonable cost. We can provide that also. Maybe you are interested in watching and photographing bears -  Yes! We do that as well!

First, let me introduce our team.

Darrel Sidney (Sid) was born in Dryden and has lived on the shores of the Wabigoon/Dinorwic Lakes chain all his life. Playing in the woods and along the shoreline started at a very early age, and soon changed to fishing, trapping and hunting. His parents built a resort in 1958 and he started guiding fishermen ‘way back then, at age 7. Guiding bear and moose hunters followed at age 14 (when he took the first hunters safety course offered in our area and got his hunting licence), in 1965. He has guided bear hunters every year since, and is one of the most experienced guides in Ontario. He can hold his own when fishing, and excels at berry picking and mushroom hunting. He has also been a commercial baitfisherman all his life (his father started selling bait in 1952).

Joni Sidney has lived in Dryden – just down the street from Darrel for many years – since the age of two. Although she certainly didn’t know what her future with Sid was going to entail, she has done her share of the work. She has guided fishermen and bear hunters, set and checked bear bait stations, trailed wounded bears and skinned and butchered bears and other big game. She helps set up campsites and frequently bakes up fresh blueberry and raspberry pies that have made many mouths water.  


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Darrel Sidney
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