We offer a variety of plans:

Plan 1 - Camp in the bush at one of our remote campsites. Currently our most widely used package by our hunters. These sites are licensed by the MNR and are for the exclusive use of our hunters. There is no electricity or running water, however most sites are near lakeshores. Campsites have a shower with hot water, a small generator and freezer for game and ice. Every campsite can be reached by regular pickup and most will accomodate pull along trailers and motor homes. You may bring your own camping gear. If you choose this package you will be much closer to your bait station and almost never have to drive more than 25 min. to be on stand. Plan 1)a) is using our campers; 1)b) is using your equipment.

North Camp

Plan 2 - Stay at a Hotel/Motel in Dryden. Dryden has a full range of motel rooms available, but it is wise to plan ahead to insure vacancy is avilable for the time you desire. It is nice to return to a hot shower and nice warm bed, out of the bugs, each night. Kitchenettes are what most guests, who use this option, reserve. We can help with reservations.


Plan 3 - Stay at an area resort. There are many fine resorts located along the shores of Eagle and Wabigoon/Dinorwic Lakes that offer a variety of package plans for accomodation, from full American plan to basic housekeeping cabin only. We can also help with reservations.

NOTE: Plan #2 and #3 are only available in the Dryden area, not at North area.