Quoted in US Dollars unless noted
* Prices subject to change without notice



Bear Hunt Cost (per person)  
  Plan #1 - Camping at our remote campsite
          a) using our campers $1600.00
      b) using your camping equipment $1500.00
  Plan #2 and Plan #3 $1400.00



It's Easy  
  1)  Choose which area you wish to hunt (North area or Dryden) 
      2) Choose the plan number 
    (remember that plans #2 and #3 are not available in North Area)
  3) Add one or both options if you wish  
    • Please contact Sid for particulars 



Guided Package per person  
Meal Package per person  
• Please contact Sid for particulars on these 2 options  



7 Day Deer Hunt (Hunt Public and Private Lands)  
     • 7 day hunt  
    Stay in Area Motel $1500.00
    Stay in Our Camper, min. 2 persons $1600.00



Wolf Hunts  
     • 7 day hunt  
    Stay in Motel $1700.00
    Stay in Our Camper, min. 2 persons $1750.00 (archery season only)



Remote Fishing Trips/Eco Tours  
     • our camper, up to 4 persons  
    Camper per day $110.00
    Camper per week $600.00



Small Game/Ducks/Geese  
Min. 3 Persons, per  person $350.00
7 Day hunt, using our campers    



Bear Licences $241.61 (Canadian Funds)
Deer Licences $241.61 (Canadian Funds)
Export Permits (both bear & deer) $35.00 (Canadian Funds)
Taxes (5% of Hunt cost & options)  
Bear Season Aug. 15 - Oct. 31      
There is no minimum group size (1-30 people)  
Arrive anytime   
Leave anytime  
There is no time limit on our hunts - stay as many days as you wish
Use your equipment or ours  
Can come with non-hunters  
Bring your fishing gear  
If your group totals 7 hunters, each member gets 15% off the base rate



There is a Special on until January 25, 2015 of $200 off and we are using 2015 prices for our rates for 2016

See Specials page for more details