Deer Hunt
Stay in one of our trailers, pre-set at a remote location where we have been seeing lots of small game, to help ensure a great hunt.
birdGrouse populations in North Western Ontario can vary each year. Some years are definitely “UP” years in the grouse cycle (where we literally see dozens of birds each day – and usually have our limit by mid morning), others are slower, and we have to work much harder to get good shooting.

No matter how successful we are at filling bag limits, this can be a very relaxing and enjoyable hunt.

Ruffed grouse are most common, but we often see lots of spruce grouse also. These two kinds of birds are most often hunted along seldom used roads and trails. Sharptails are becoming more plentiful, and we hunt them in recent cutover areas.
For ruffed and spruce grouse we recommend using small bore shotguns or 22’s, but 12 ga. are recommended for sharptails.

Duck hunting is usually done by paddling creeks and rivers, where we ‘jump’ shoot them, although we often use decoys in marshy areas on area lakes. There are lots of mallards, teals, woodies and scuap.

Geese are becoming a much more common sight on area waterways each year. We are not on any of the major flyways, but local populations are growing rapidly.

Any of these hunts can be easily combined with a bear or deer hunt, or a fishing trip. Please contact us for pricing and particulars for setting up your hunt.

Small Game